Yellow Chickens Pot Grabber - TLC Patterns
Yellow Chickens Pot Grabber - TLC Patterns
Yellow Chickens Pot Grabber - TLC Patterns
TLC Patterns

Yellow Chickens Pot Grabber

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Do you have oven mitts or pads in your kitchen for hot pan handles? TLC Patterns has a refreshing idea on how to replace them! Designed to protect your hands from hot handles in the kitchen, our pot grabbers come in a variety of patterns that you can choose from. If you or someone you know loves collecting colorful decorations and kitchen essentials, then take a look...

Anyone that cooks in a kitchen or outside on the grill can find one or two perfect pot grabbers to fit their personality. As you can see, this pattern is filled with black and white chickens on a fun, bright yellow background!  

We designed the pot grabbers to fit over pot handles on the stove or grill. They protect your hands while you are stirring, tossing and moving hot pots and pans. Once a pot grabber covers the skillet or griddle handle, you won’t have any draping material close to the stove top heat. You also don’t need to worry about locating or wearing an oven pad or mitt when the dish needs to be removed from the heat.

All of our pot grabbers are designed and crafted in the USA by TLC Patterns. They can be hand washed to remove cooking stains and blotches. 

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