Potted Cactus Pot Grabber
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Potted Cactus Pot Grabber

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Potted Cactus Pot Grabber

🔥 Do you have oven mitts or pads in your kitchen for hot pan handles?

👓 Looking for a new, interesting eyeglass case for your readers?

🔌 Travel a lot with a curling iron or hair straightener?

TLC Patterns has a refreshing idea!

Our pot grabbers are multi-functional:

✔️ Protect your hands from hot handles in the kitchen                                                Perfect for you or someone you know that loves collecting colorful accessories and kitchen essentials. They protect your hands while stirring, tossing and moving hot pots and pans. Once a pot grabber covers the skillet or griddle handle, you won’t have any draping material close to the stove top heat. 

✔️ Protect your readers from scratches                                                                      Keep your readers safe and free from scratches while in your purse or shirt pocket. Colorful cotton, refreshed for a modern feel, packable and ready to go.

✔️ Pack your curling iron/straightener while its still hot                                                No need to wait for your curling iron/straightener to cool down! After you are done styling your hair to perfection, slide the hot element into the pot grabber and you are ready to go. You will need 2 pot grabbers if using for a straightener.

Our pot grabbers come in a variety of patterns that you can choose from.

All of our pot grabbers are designed and crafted in the USA by TLC Patterns. They can be hand washed to remove cooking stains and blotches. 

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